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Miss Stephanie Ware

Fest Host Trio_edited.jpg

When a 'character' is not required... Stephanie is a character in herself! Once she sticks on an outfit and puts a microphone in her hand she'll get the crowd going, unite everyone, make 'em laugh, make 'em smile... and get 'em singing along in joyous togetherness.

She is currently a Maze Master at THE CRYSTAL MAZE LIVE EXPERIENCE in Piccadilly, hosting the games for multitudes of teams during the week, and then she hosts circus-themed cabaret at the TRAPEZE BAR in Shoreditch every Friday & Saturday night, 8-9pm!

Stephanie works closely with the legendary festival crew: GET LOST & FOUND bringing her hosting experience to many a small stage in a grassy field in the glorious sunshine, somewhere in the UK.

She also works regularly with award-winning events companies such as BAKEHOUSE FACTORY, BEARDED KITTEN, DANK PARISH and CHIVAREE CIRCUS who all specialise in immersive and interactive experiences.

She had the pleasure of hosting the amazing OAKSTOCK at The Royal Oak Pub in Tetbury for 4 years and hopes to return soon.

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