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Miss Stephanie Ware


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Stephanie Ware graduated with a diploma in Acting from The Bridge Theatre Training Company in 2001. She excelled in clowning, comedy and physical theatre and for 3 years travelled the length and breadth of Spain and Portugal in a travelling clowning troupe teaching English through theatre to all ages. Upon her return to England she embarked on more clowning workshops and has since continued to create and regularly perform character comedy and musical comedy acts on the London cabaret circuit. Her quick wit and improvisation skills have steered her towards becoming a cabaret compere, and she has performed extensively in the UK, Europe and the UAE. She wrote her first play;  HOW EVA VON SCHNIPPISCH WON WWII in early 2016.  It is the life story of her most beloved comedy compere character. Since wowing audiences and winning the VAULT Festival Spirit Award IN 2020, Stephanie has now written and produced the sequel: HOW EVA VON SCHNIPPISCH SAVED HOLLYWOOD, and now a new autobiographical one-woman show about being childfree entitled; WHOA MAMA! 

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Stephanie is represented by:

Edwin Lowe at 1 Artist's Agency

Mansplaining: The Musical!

Broadway. 1931. No-nonsense, hard-working hoofer Ruby Garrett
is in her dressing room preparing for curtain up.
The interruption from partner Louis can only be a good thing, right?  Stephanie Ware takes centre-stage in this new short one-woman musical as part of the mighty One Festival which returns for the final time this January, with unforgettable stories, bold new writing and world premieres.

"Fred Astaire was great, but Ginger Rogers did everything he did...backwards and in high heels!"

Written by Mike Carter, performed by Stephanie Ware, directed by Saffron Myers, music by Colin Thorpe.


“Played with verve and charm by Stephanie Ware” 4****


“Ware’s character bursting with humour and spunk….
the flamboyant New Yorker character commanding the space”


“Ware tackled the role, including three original songs,
with a winning mix of bravura and vulnerability”

“Played with charm and gusto by Stephanie Ware” 4****

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