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My new one-woman show for 2024/25

“To breed, or not to breed - that  is the question!”

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Is maternal instinct nature or nurture? Are children really the meaning of life? When you’re 40+ and staring down the barrel of infertility…
should you or would you change your mind? 


I was 23 when my mother grabbed me by the shoulder, eyeballed me and said: “Don’t let society make you feel like a failure if you don’t have children!”
The power of it! I’ve lived my life since like a free-flying powerhouse Queen and now this biological clock has nearly ticked its last tock…
this is truly the Final Countdown!  


But what came first: the chicken or the egg? Did I ever want children?
Am I child-free by choice, or by chance? Was what my Mama said a blessing or a curse, and how are you supposed to know what you really want when everyone’s got an opinion?  Strap-in, it's going to be a bumpy bump-free ride!

Written, produced and performed by Stephanie Ware. 

Direction & Dramaturgy by Peta Lily.

Devised with help from Emma Joy Edwards.


“You’ll come for the banter, but stay for the heart”
“A special experience”

9th & 10th August, 6pm
Hen & Chickens Theatre Pub
Islington, N1



“A brave exploration”
“A morale boosting show!”
“Priceless comic timing”

Poster images by Lena Lenman Photography
Show images by Danny Fitzpatrick Photography 

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