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Duchess de Beauvoir

"A Class Hyacinth Bucket on crack!"

David Pollard, proprietor of The Joiners Arms, Shoreditch. R.I.P

Born a Duchess but raised on a Council Estate, the original diamond in the rough, a touch of posh amongst the great unwashed.  Having clawed her way up through each and every social echelon to resume her rightful place as 135th in line for the throne...who better to prepare and teach our foreign visiting tourists the ins and outs of the English Class System?


The Duchess De Beauvoir: A CLASS ACT is a musical account of her journey from riches to rags and back to riches again my dear, where the silver spoon turned out to be a plastic stirrer ultimately ending up in a fine glass of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945. Her charming and hilarious tales of her up-bringing are laced with songs from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s…old classics with a "riotously hilarious" new twist!


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Perfect for
Royal themed &  Quintessentially British events 

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Repertoire includes re-worked versions of:

Walk On By - a tale of British drunk behaviour
The Girl From Ipanema/Bethnal Green - an ode to the local ladies
You Can't Take That Away From Me - an ode to mugging
Hello - a look back at her previous phone-sex job
Why Don't You Do Right - a story of financial problems

Que Sera Sera - the ethos that her adopted parents lived by



Photography by Paul Singer & Liz McBurney

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